Banana Bread Granola

What is better than banana bread? Banana bread granola, that is! Sweet, crunchy, and just a bit salty, this granola is sure to remind you of a classic. I have been really enjoying making granola.  It is so fast and easy to whip up a batch and have on hand.  I love experimenting with different… Continue reading Banana Bread Granola


Meal Replacement Smoothie Recipe

rich, creamy, wholesome, portable, versatile, and delicious, this meal replacement smoothie will have all of the basic nutrients you need for a meal Ever since I made this blog almost a year ago (what?!  where has time gone?) I have been wanting to post this recipe and share it with you all.   This isn’t… Continue reading Meal Replacement Smoothie Recipe


Choco-Sun Granola Recipe

choco-sun granola beats any overpriced store-bought granola with its warm taste and crunchy texture I am super excited to share this recipe with you guys.  Sometimes I get green with envy when I see food bloggers (ah hem Amanda, Arman, Emmy) post their beautiful creations.  The little kid inside of me wants to make awesome treats just like… Continue reading Choco-Sun Granola Recipe

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The Ultimate List of Nut Butters

We need to chat about something pretty important.  Nut butter. Peanut butter isn’t the only nut butter to exist anymore, now there are a plethora of yummy spreads you can make with nuts.  Cashew, pistachio, coconut butter… Did you know a coconut can be categorized as a nut, fruit, and seed?   The point being, you… Continue reading The Ultimate List of Nut Butters

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Meaty Puppy Treats

Your dog won’t resist this tasty treat full of yummy ingredients.  All you need is a few ingredients, patience, and a dog!   Who wants to see a picture of Mr. Gus? How about another? he knows he is getting a treat! Okay, I guess I’ll stop there, but believe me, I have a ton… Continue reading Meaty Puppy Treats