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Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies

who knew that cranberries and chocolate can go so well together?  these super healthy dark chocolate cherry cookies have no butter, flour, or added sugar.  best of all… they are incredibly tasty.   Boy oh boy, I am so excited to share with you guys this delectably tasty recipe.  One of my favorite combinations is chocolate… Continue reading Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies

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How I Plan to Conquer College Food-wise

I’m sure you all are sick of me talking about college non-stop.  For that, I apologize.  I cannot help but gush on and on about it.  It is a big step in my life and my recovery.  I will be moving in next Wednesday.  It just doesn’t seem real.  I don’t know when that moment… Continue reading How I Plan to Conquer College Food-wise

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A Day in My Life

Hi everyone!  I hope this post find you all well.  I’ve been mulling over the idea of writing a day in my life post for awhile now.   I mean, what is so interesting about my day?  Honestly, my life is at a steady place which I am very grateful for.   So I bit the… Continue reading A Day in My Life

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The Ultimate List of Nut Butters

We need to chat about something pretty important.  Nut butter. Peanut butter isn’t the only nut butter to exist anymore, now there are a plethora of yummy spreads you can make with nuts.  Cashew, pistachio, coconut butter… Did you know a coconut can be categorized as a nut, fruit, and seed?   The point being, you… Continue reading The Ultimate List of Nut Butters

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Coping with Misophonia

Coping with any illness is a battle within itself.  When one has misophonia, it feels almost impossible to find relief in the midst of the triggers.  If you don’t know what misophonia is it is a neuropsychiatric condition that makes the person react very strongly to audible stimuli such as chewing, swallowing, etc.  If you would… Continue reading Coping with Misophonia