You are You and I am Me

Long time, no see!  I’m excited to write another post, so here we go!

It has been about seven weeks since I transitioned from a college freshman to a full-time working “adult”.  I use the word adult lightly because I don’t feel as though I am a true adult even though I am legally one.  I work around 60 hours a week from being a research assistant at my college to being a nannying to being a student worker at my college’s wellness center.

I love what I do.

From the type of work I’ve been doing, I interact with people.  A lot.  For the type of work I want to get into in the future, it is a blessing!  However, with that comes many lessons to be learned.  One being that I am my own person and other people aren’t like me.

I know this sounds arrogant and pompous.  But think about it- we use our experiences, our emotions, our beliefs to carry ourselves through life.  How can you not compare yourself to others when you base everything in this world to you?

When I was younger, I had a hard time with this concept and didn’t fully understand it.  I would become aggravated when people would do things the way I wanted them to be done (I still do sometimes).  I would wonder, “Why didn’t they do it like this?  What were they thinking?”

Fast-forward years later when my tiny, little brain finally realized that I am unique with different wiring than everyone else in this world.  We aren’t robots that are processed to function the same way.  We are humans with thoughts, feelings, emotions… all of which are controlled individually by oneself.  Pretty cool, isn’t it?  It totally is, but it can make for some messes and complications.

One of my favorite literary quotes is by Harper Lee spoken by Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird.

First of all,” he said, “if you can learn a simple trick, Scout, you’ll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view […] until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.

As morbid as it sounds, it’s kinda true.  Until we “walk in someone’s shoes” we cannot truly understand all of what that person is.  We come from all walks of life with unique experiences, lessons, upbringing, and challenges with different biological and genetic make-ups.  This shapes us to who were are today.

With all this in mind, I have come to put this into perspective.  The more I live life, the more “kinds” of people I meet.  Meaning, each person I meet, I am introduced to what has influenced them all of their lives.  You know what?  This is something that we as a nation, no as a world should remind ourselves each and every day.

You are you and I am me.

We aren’t all going to have the same emotions… and that’s okay.

We aren’t all going to have the same backgrounds… and that’s okay.

We aren’t going to have the same political opinions… and that’s okay.

The goal is to treat others the way we wanted to be treated despite our differences.  You may have to use different forms of communication and kindness for each person.  Even kindness can be shown in many ways.  Take time to care for each other and understand one another.

For now, I’m going to leave it there.



Your thoughts here!

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