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How I Plan to Conquer College Food-wise

I’m sure you all are sick of me talking about college non-stop.  For that, I apologize.  I cannot help but gush on and on about it.  It is a big step in my life and my recovery.  I will be moving in next Wednesday.  It just doesn’t seem real.  I don’t know when that moment of “bam you’re in college” is going to happen.  Maybe it’ll be at 2 a.m. the night before move-in, when I say good-bye to my mom, or maybe it’ll never happen.  I have no idea.

One thing that I have been positively (as well as negatively) anticipating is is the food aspect that goes along with college.  Having a background with an eating disorder doesn’t necessarily make it easy to transition from home to a place one has never been before.  I have heard horror stories of eating disorders making college a disaster, but I have also heard numerous stories of how girls and guys alike have fought their ED through college and were successful.

I strive to be that girl who doesn’t let my eating disorder take away the joy of college.


I am not trying to be ignorant in any way.  I know there are going to be obstacles among obstacles of things I need to overcome.  Dining halls, impromptu food runs with friends, not as many options… Needless to say, there are going to be some challenges in my future.

I’m a planner.  I like to plan everything.  My type-A, perfectionist personality has gifted (cursed?  you decide) me with the want and need to make everything make sense and be planned accordingly.  While I am aware that not everything is going to be smooth-sailing, I have a game-plan of how I am going to keep pursuing recovery while I fill my brain with a plethora of knowledge.

At the dining hall, I plan to have most of my lunches and dinners there.  Eating out is a huge fear of mine.  However, throughout this summer, I have tried consistently going out to eat and I am much more comfortable than where I was.

The dining hall is going to be like my new dining room.  I want to associate the hall as a place where I nourish my body so my mind can flourish.


I am so thankful that the kitchen services uses locally grown produce and take pride in the food they make. I’ve eaten there before and it is not bad for cafeteria food.  It’s actually pretty good.

They post the menu the week before.  My strategy is to look at the menu and plan in advance what I am going to get.  That way, I can comfortably and easily go in and get a plate of food that has the nutrients I need.

In my dorm I will be having a microwave along with a mini-fridge.  I bought this fridge specifically because it has a freezer.  That way I can keep my Dairy Queen blizzards in stock as well as other frozen goods.


I’m bringing a lot of my staples- nut butters, tuna, popcorn, and all of that yummy stuff.  I plan to get some refrigerated items once I get there.  I’m going to be stocking up on snacks that I can either have at my dorm or on the go.  I need to constantly remind myself that snacks are important.

I was able to schedule my classes so that I can have meals at my regular time.  That brings a big relief to me.  After adjusting to everything else at school, I would like to have a sense of normalcy when it comes to meals.  I might not have that privilege in future semesters, but for now, I am thankful.

With the support of my family, my beautifully kind counselor, and God, I know I can succeed in college and be who I need to be.  They give me strength.

Tell me…

  • What food would you stock in your dorm room?
  • Do you like Mediterranean food?  The above meal is from Roti, a Mediterranean Chipotle-like place.  So good!
  • DQ Blizzards or Ben and Jerry’s?
  • Any advice for me or others going into college?



8 thoughts on “How I Plan to Conquer College Food-wise

  1. Hey Alison! What a wonderful post. Yes – going away to college can and may be a challenge – as ANY move or change in schedule/routine can be. But the fact that you are soooooo aware of where you are at, what may pose you with challenges, and already haveideas for how you can alleviate or combat those challenges is HUGE. When I first went away to college, I was not as self aware as you in terms of my disorder, and yes, I did have a very difficult time. I have so much faith that you are going to be okay, just based on the knowledge you already seem to have and these amazing plans you’ve already arranged. If anything, lean on the comfort of company and all the new friends you will make. Eating meals in the meal hall with classmates is one of the BEST parts of college – I am sad I was not able to take part in it more! You can do this girl – BEST years of your life coming up – and you are way stronger than anything that may tryyyyy to take that away from you.


  2. This is awesome! I love how you’re planning to make the most of your time at college and not let your ED hold you back. Honestly, it sounds like you’ve got a great plan going while allowing for the natural ebb and flow of college life! I really think that having meals at regular times is SO important! Especially in college! People often skip meals at school and then end up snacking too much and all that. I’m a HUGE fan of balanced meals! I’m wishing you the best girly!! Hope that you have a blast at school! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!


  3. I haven’t had Ben n’ Jerry’s or Dairy Queen Blizzards, so when I do I will let you know what the verdict is. Also, I will be praying for you as you jump into college. Stay strong in the Lord.


  4. Good for you for taking charge of your recovery even through the stress of college. It poses its own challenges, but you will do great! And if you have setbacks, it’s never too late to get on the right track 🙂


  5. Have fun. Enjoy every moment of college. If you feel yourself slipping, seek help. Many colleges have counsellors on site to help. My college experience was ruined by my eating disorder. After some time of working on myself, I’m in a good place and in school. Carry snacks with you and have fun. If a friend wants to go out and eat, go do that! Try not to let the fear rule you. You can do this!!!


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