Sunday Wrap-Up

Sunday Wrap Up- 8/30/2015

Another Sunday is here, and that means it is time for a Sunday Wrap Up!  Sunday Wrap Up is a time where we reflect on the week, relax, read some awesome posts, pin some treasures, and delve into some positivity through some Scripture.

Sunday Wrap Up

My Posts

Wednesday – A Day in My Life

Thursday- Book Review- The Other Boleyn Girl

 Posts I Enjoyed

*Why Weight Restoration is Not Recovery*

Although gaining essential back with incredibly important, mental recovery is true recovery.

*How to Stop Measuring Food*

Like any behavior, measuring can become obsessive.

*Should You Re-Evaluate Your Health Goals?*

Alexa lays it out in this very insightful post on how skinny does not equivocate to healthy and happy.

*19 Things Everyone Who’s Dated a Type-A Knows To Be True*

Me in 19 steps.

*Emily’s Beautiful Story*

Both Julia and Emily are such beautiful, intelligent, strong young ladies of the Lord.  Julia shares Emily’s incredible story of food idolatry and body image.

Pins of the Week

Trail Mix Granola Bars


Cinnamon Bun Popcorn

Salted Caramel Chia Pudding


Make it happen

God heals

This is one of my posts, but I really want to share some positive music with you all.


Scripture Sunday

John 10:11


For the full chapter, you can read it here.

All the Scripture Sunday pictures are located under the “Faith” bar under “Printables“.  You are more than welcome to share, print, or use them!  Some I made into a square format for easy Instagram sharing.

Happy Sunday!

Questions for You:

  • What was the best thing you did this month?
  • Are you a fan of popcorn?

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap Up- 8/30/2015

  1. WOW. ❤ I love that pin, 'Time doesn't heal all things. God does.' So comforting and SO TRUE.
    Those trail mix bars look SCRUMPTIOUS. And, I'm really humbled and blessed that you shared my story. ❤ You are a blessing in so many ways friend!


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