We as humans go through quite a beating.  For however many years we may live to be, we experience heartache, struggle, loss, and all of the other unfortunate results that come from life.  However, through all those hardships, we become stronger to the point that we become unbreakable.

Have you all seen the new Netflix series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?  First off, it is hilarious!  If you haven’t seen it yet and have Netflix, I highly recommend you start watching it.  The premise of the plot is: Rescued after 15 years in a cult, Kimmy Schmidt decides to reclaim her life by venturing to New York, where she experiences everyday life with wide-eyed enthusiasm. On a whim, she rents a room from Titus, a gay wannabe Broadway actor, who makes ends meet as a street performer in Times Square. The unlikely pair find they’re well-suited to help each other out, with Titus reintroducing Kimmy to modern life, and her providing him with the inspiration that you should never give up. Together they’ll make it through whatever life throws at them.  Thank you Google for the description!  I couldn’t have described it better myself.


Okay, on to the main point of this post.  While watching Kimmy I realized something- we all go through things in our life that hurts.  It hurts because it makes us stronger for the future ahead.

I believe that we break a lot throughout the course of our lives.  We break bones, hearts, our dreams… let’s face it, the world is a broken place.  It teaches us lessons that we really don’t want to be taught.  

There is a phrase that my cheer coach/high school teacher used to say, “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”  When I first heard it, I rolled by eyes and was gasping for air while doing what seemed like an hour long plank.  That was almost three years ago.  I still think about this phrase often and I find it to be more true each day.  

I used to think pain is just pain and that it hurts.  A lot.  While all that is true, I believe that we go through certain trials in our life for a reason.  Take my eating disorder for example, recovery is hard and painful, but I think my experience with it is going to help me become a more compassionate doctor.  My eating disorder broke me.  Now, I am picking up the pieces with new-found understanding and strength.  

Whenever you go through a certain trial no matter how big or small, be calm in knowing that that is going to make you stronger and unbreakable.  Take comfort in knowing that everything happens for a reason.  It may hurt now, but it might just save you in the future.

Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

Ready to become unbreakable? 


I had to end it on a light note, let’s be real!

Questions for You

  • Have you seen The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?
  • Looking back, what happened in your life (good or bad) that helped you become the person you are today?
  • Am I the only loves gifs?  They are so fun!

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4 thoughts on “Unbreakable

  1. Powerful words, Alison. When we’re broken, sometimes we can even use our healing to encourage others around us, which is exactly what you’re doing. I’m proud of you ❤


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