Meal Replacement Smoothie Recipe

rich, creamy, wholesome, portable, versatile, and delicious, this meal replacement smoothie will have all of the basic nutrients you need for a meal

Meal Replacement Smoothie

Ever since I made this blog almost a year ago (what?!  where has time gone?) I have been wanting to post this recipe and share it with you all.  

This isn’t just any smoothie, it’s a life saving smoothie.  I got this recipe from a dear friend who also struggled with anorexia.  She gave this to me in hopes of having me nourish myself with wholesome, yummy ingredients.  

Meal Replacement Smoothie


Boy oh boy is this smoothie delicious.  But you know what the best part of the recipe is?  It is extremely customizable.  You can make this smoothie recipe 20 times and not have a repeat of the same flavor. 

Not only is it customizable but it is portable, also.  Being flexible in recovery can be tough.  This smoothie is an excellent way to get a meal in on the go.  Last year, for example, I wanted to go to my high school’s volleyball game.  My conflict?  It was during dinner time.  I knew I needed to be social and I knew I needed the nutrients of a meal so I made this smoothie and drank it at the game while socializing with my friends!  Win win!

Just a fair warning, this smoothie is quite dense the first time around.  But I want you to think of it this way, the smoothie packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and so much more good stuff for you that you need.  The first time I had it I struggled to finish it.  However, the next time I drank it and the time after that and that and so on and so forth I finished it down to the last drop.

Meal Replacement smoothie

I feel energized and glowing after I drink this smoothie.  Might sound weird, but it’s true.  Every ingredient helps your body in some way.  This smoothie helped my body heal.

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My favorite flavor smoothie includes…

frozen cherries and peaches, vanilla protein powder, plain yogurt, and cranberry juice.  You can make it with any type of fruit, protein powder, yogurt, juice, etc.  This one is one of my favorites, though!

My friend got this recipe from a dietician, I believe.  I tweaked it a little to better fit my tastes and such.  I am not a dietician by any means but I can say from experience that is has helped my body thrive.

Meal Replacement SmoothieMy mother made these smoothies for me when my friend gave her the recipe.  At this stage in my recovery, it was best that I didn’t see the exact amounts of ingredients going into it.  I knew the ingredients, but not the portions going into each nutritious smoothie.  

I am so glad I was ignorant to the amounts.  After drinking them for months I came to realize the full amounts and that my mother put coconut oil in there without telling me.  At first I was furious that my mother didn’t tell me she put coconut oil in it, but you know what?  I wasn’t fat.  She did this to help me and give me extra fuel.  I wasn’t gluttonous.  I was feeling better than I have ever had before.  If I knew from the start the portions that went into the smoothie, I would have been too preoccupied with numbers.

Now, after 10 months of continuously making these yummy smoothies, I make them myself and I do not skimp on any ingredient.  Frankly, it is too delicious to even omit the tiniest amount of an ingredient- including the coconut oil.

Whether you are going to be in the car forever or you don’t want/can’t have solid food, this smoothie is an excellent way to get essential nutrients you need.


Questions for You-

  • Do you drink smoothies all year round? I don’t, I wish I could, though.  I get way too chilly!
  • Favorite fruit? Fresh- apples frozen- cherries
  • Do you prefer Greek or regular yogurt? Regular for me!  Sometimes Greek can be a little too thick.

Take such great care,

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9 thoughts on “Meal Replacement Smoothie Recipe

  1. I love that you used all frozen fruit! Frozen bananas add the BEST thickness and creaminess to smoothies. I do like drinking smoothies all year round but don’t have a blender at school (or the freezer space for frozen fruit, sadly). My favorite fruit is probably pineapple or raspberries and I LOVE the thickness of greek yogurt!


  2. Annndd my comment cut off.
    Meant to say I’ll be stalking your blog for a little bit because I’ve neglected to be keeping up with it. 😉


  3. Oh my gosh it looks like ice cream!! I love dense smoothies for breakfast, especially when peanut butter is involved 🙂 You reminded me that I should try adding coconut oil to my oatmeal one of these days. I’ve seen Robyn from the Real Life RD do that before, and she said it tastes amazing!


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