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Book Review – American Heiress

I was wandering in the library one day looking for a book to read.  I had a list of some books I have been eager to read.  I looked for Fight Club.  Nope, not there.  I whisked myself to the Fiction M section for The Husband’s Secret.  Zip.  I was getting kind of discouraged, I’m not going to lie.  So I just kept walking until I saw a book that caught my eye- The American Heiress.The American Heiress

The cover looked stunning.  I flipped it over to read, “Anyone suffering Downton Abbey withdrawal symptoms..”, “Sparkling and throughly engaging…”, and “The detailing is beautiful.”  What really made me want to read it was the comparison to Downton Abbey.  I love Downton.  Who doesn’t?

The story revolves around a beautiful 18 year old American (and very rich) girl named Cora Cash.  She has lived all of her life surrounded by the best money can buy- clothes, jewelry, shoes, houses…  Her mother is eager for her to go to England and find herself a man with high social status so Cora can get a title.  

All of her dreams come true when Cora visits England and finds herself in a riding accident where she is saved by Ivo, the Duke of Wareham.  They marry in a lavish ceremony and Cora goes to live with Ivo at Lulworth (his family home).  She leaves her former life behind her as she comes to realize that being a duchess isn’t as glamorous as it appears to be.

As soon as I read the first chapter, my eagerness to read it vanished.  I found the writing style overly descriptive and almost pompous.  I suppose it had to be a bit pompous because the Cash family were beyond wealthy and had the best of the best.  

Cora really annoyed me throughout the whole book.  She is not the strong female heroine I love to read about.  She is naive, spoiled, and completely self-centered.  All of the characters didn’t seem completely real to me like characters in other books.  Maybe because it took part in a “gilded age” that it is suppose to appear that way.  

All in all, I did not enjoy American Heiress.  It took me almost two weeks to read this 465 page book when a book that size usually takes me less than a week to read.  I struggled to read it and I was relieved when I finished it.

Questions for You

  • Have you seen Downton Abbey?
  • What time period do you find interesting? 
  • How did you spend Father’s Day yesterday?

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