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Meaty Puppy Treats

Your dog won’t resist this tasty treat full of yummy ingredients.  All you need is a few ingredients, patience, and a dog!

Meaty Puppy treats


meaty puppy treats

Who wants to see a picture of Mr. Gus?


How about another?

IMG_8231he knows he is getting a treat!

Okay, I guess I’ll stop there, but believe me, I have a ton more! 😉  He looks like a teddy bear when he runs.  awww…

After a not so restful night’s rest, I got up, had some breakfast, went to an appointment, and came home.  A friend cancelled our plans for the afternoon so I was free for the rest of the day.  I thought to myself, what the am I going to do?  Summer kind of does that to you.  That is when I saw Gus.  

He hasn’t had homemade treats in awhile, not since his PB&P treats, so I thought I would whip him up something special.  The result?  Meaty puppy treats!

[yumprint-recipe id=’8′] That is all there is to making these simple and tasty treats for your furry friend.  The best part?  They don’t stink!  You know how store bought treats can reek to high heaven?  Not this recipe!

I plan on bringing them the next time I volunteer at the hospital because there a ton of service dogs there.  They definitely deserve some treats!

meaty puppy treats

Gus really likes these Meaty Puppy Treats and I hope your dog does to!



Questions for You

  • If you have a dog, what kind do you have?
  • Do you ever have “baking kicks”?  I know I do!

Until next time,

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6 thoughts on “Meaty Puppy Treats

  1. Your lucky dog! Storebought dog treats have some of the wackiest (scariest) ingredients and I feel bad about giving them to my pup so I usually just don’t buy them. These are such a great alternative!


  2. I have 2 long haired chihuahuas – one I’d fawn colored & he REALLY looks like a teddy bear – so much so that that is part of why my husband was desparate to adopt him. I love to bake, but I can’t do it as frequently as I’d like to – I’d weigh 300 ponds!


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