Currently: June 2015

Currently June 2015


Music– I have been listening to “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten.  Not only is it catchy, but the lyrics are extremely motivating and uplifting.  When I need an empowerment boost, I blast this song.

TV Show– I’m still loving Bones.  The plots never cease to get old and I really like the introduction of a new character- Dr. Lance Sweets.  He is the intelligent and comical young psychologist who works frequently with Bones and Booth.  


Movie– I am itching to go see the new Melissa McCarthy movie, Spy.  I have heard nothing but good things about it.  Someone even told me that they “couldn’t stop laughing.”

I have seen Identity Theif and The Heat and I loved them both, especially The Heat.  Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are gold.  If you ever need a good laugh, watch it!



Determined and very, very blessed.  I am so thankful to be alive and to have my health.  God is so good.

Nail Polish

I picked up the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish about a month ago.  I finally took it out of the box and put on a coat… and another… and another.  It took three coats of nail polish to get the color to look almost opaque.  After letting them dry, I applied the top coat which apparently keeps it lasting for three weeks.  Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Malibu Peach

The look of it was not as good as a professionally done no-chip manicure.  It looked overly goopy and streaky.  I let the top coat dry before I did anything.  The manicure did not last three weeks… it lasted 20 minutes.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Malibu Peach

My advice- don’t waste $15 on this set of nail polish.  It is not worth it.


Currently, I am 100 pages through American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin.  I am not enjoying it all thus far.  The characters seem to lack any personality and the story itself is pretty slow.  The cover is beautiful, though!



I got a letter yesterday telling me who my college roommates will be.  It will be two other girls and myself in a dorm.  I am anxiously delighted to meet them.


Alison at Daily Moves and Grooves held an awesome giveaway consisting of yummy goodies, and these Enlightened crisps were apart of it.  Although I didn’t win, I was determined to get my hands on those crisps!  They looked too good to pass up.  I went to my nearest Whole Food (1+ hour away *sad*) and picked some up.

Enlightened sea salt chips

Holy snap are these good!  I got the sea salt flavor to start off.  The crisps are essentially roasted broad beans sprinkled with the perfect amount of salt.  They are perfect.  It is a nice, filling snack full of fiber and protein.  I definitely want to try the other flavors…


I was walking through the grocery store with my mom when we came across the coffee/tea aisle.  I was craving some spicy, cinnamon-ey tea.  Thus, the Tazo Decaf Chai Tea called out my name.

It has a smooth flavor that is beautifully balanced with spice and warmth.  There are big notes of cinnamon, cardamom, and black pepper.  None of the flavors overwhelm each other.  Currently, I have been loving this tea!

Tazo Chai Tea


Buzzfeed.  Need I say more?  The quizzes are extremely addicting and the light news articles make it easy for time to fly.  You can only find an article like “21 Kitchen Gadgets You Should Splurge On This Summer” on Buzzfeed.  Full of ingenious (and pretty stupid) items.

Questions for You

  • What are some of your currentlys?
  • What movie are you wanting to see?
  • What book are you reading?  I need suggestions!


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13 thoughts on “Currently: June 2015

  1. That’s so exciting about your roommates! I regret not having any when I went to school; it was way too lonely being in a single! Currently I’m not reading anything but definitely should get on that! I find that I read when I travel and that won’t be for another couple of weeks or so! I really want to see Pitch Perfect 2 but here in France it’s not out yet!


  2. This is unpopular opinion of me, however I am not a fan of the comedic movie Melissa McCarthy stars in. I think she is a talented actress, but that genre of movie is not my โ€œthang!โ€ I hope you enjoy it though! Enjoy it for the both of us. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Iโ€™m currently reading three books, but if you are in need of a great author to begin a love affair with, Dodie Smith is someone who I have just discovered and I adore her!


    1. I will definitely check out Dodie Smith! I’m not loving “American Heiress” so I would love to get my hands on a consuming book.
      I say “Spy” and it was not at all good. I was highly disappointed, but at least I had a free movie ticket ๐Ÿ˜‰


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