Sunday Wrap-Up

Sunday Wrap Up- 6/14/2015

I hope everyone’s week treated you all well!  This week was pretty quiet for me which was both a blessing and not.  It was good to get some rest, but I thrive off of structure and being busy.  Anyway, happy Sunday!  Let’s get ready for the wrap up!

Sunday Wrap Up

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Monday- Coping with Misophonia

Wednesday- I’m Made New Through Him

Thursday- Thinking Out Loud- In It To Gain It

Posts of the Week

*Do You Like That Just Because It’s Healthier?*

Alison lays it all down in this perceptive post.  Do you make yourself like something just because it’s healthier?  Or because you actually prefer it?

*Breaking My Routines*

Stepping outside normalcy in recovery is hard.

*The Letter That Explains My Eating Disorder to my Granddaughter*

A beautiful, beautiful testimony.

*Heroines Are Not Guaranteed a Hero*

Ladies, you do not need a man to give your life meaning.

*My Favorite Supplies for Bible Journaling*

I really want to start journaling in my Bible!

*Women Scientists Are Tweeting “Sexy” Photos of Themselves At Work to Shut Down Sexism*

As I shared on my personal Facebook: contributions to science shouldn’t be determined whether we have XX as our 23rd pair of chromosomes or XY. As a young woman going into the sciences, I hope to see this gender bias disappear.

Pins of the Week

Liv has done it again.  Don’t they look amazing?  Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins.

 Snickerdoodle Muffins.  drool.

 Courage does not always roar…

 Hippo kisses

 Coloring can be very therapeutic.

 I love cleaning with essential oils!

2 Timothy 4:7


Scripture Sunday

This correlates closely to 2 Timothy 4:17, but this Philippians verse is always comforting.

Philippians 413

 Questions for You

  • Do you use essential oils while cleaning?
  • What is your favorite quote/Bible verse?
  • What is your favorite type of cookie?


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9 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap Up- 6/14/2015

  1. This was a cool post and I was so excited to see what you said about it being therapeutic! But it’s actually all art! If you want to check out something me and my sisters have been working on about art and it being therapeutic go here: Me and my sisters have been working on it for a while :).


  2. Those snickerdoodle muffins!!! I need them. I also loved the women scientists link. My best friend is a neuroscientist to be and she loves working in the lab, so I shared that with her 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing my post, girl! Hope you have a lovely Sunday ♥


  3. Thanks for linking to my post, love – and thanks for sharing those other articles as well! I love the one called “Heroines Aren’t Guaranteed a Hero”.


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