Learn to Quilt! – Part 5 {Binding}

Learn to Quilt Series

Part 1 {Supplies You’ll Need}
Part 2 {Making the Squares & Assembly}
Part 3 {Sewing}
Part 4 {The Layers}

How To Quilt

You are almost there!  This is the final step to making your quilt.  All there is left to do is the binding.  The binding is the edging around the quilt that will close everything up and make it look oh-so-gorgeous.

Choose a coordinating fabric (I used a dark grey) and get 1/2 yard of it.  I highly suggest using a solid color because it makes the quilt look a little more put together.

Iron it to get all of the wrinkle out and fold it in half.  (The longest side will be folded.)  Square off your fabric and proceed to cut 5- 2 1/2 inch strips.strips for binding

Take one strip and lay it horizontally in front of you.  Take another strip and place it vertically to the horizontal strip.  Match the corners up to each other and pin like shown below.pinning and drawing the quilting stripsSew the two strips corner to corner along where the pins are.  You can use a marker for this.  Just make sure it comes out when it comes in contact with water!

Repeat with all of the other strips using the piece you are lengthening to be the horizontal strip.  It is very important they they all lay the same way.binding stepsNext, cut off the corners where you just sewed.

Take the long strip to the ironing board.  Fold like shown above and iron the strip as such.  It should look a little something like this:quilting stripGet your quilt and place the strip (with the open edges facing the outside) on the edge of the quilt.  Like so-pinning the edge of the quiltWhen you get to corners, leave a bit of extra fabric by pinching the sides so it puckers at the corners.  This ensures that you will have enough fabric for the perimeter of the quilt.  Continue to pin until you reach the beginning. pinning the cornersYou will have quite a bit extra edging at the end.  Just cut about 3 inches away from where you last pinned.  This will give you enough slack to attach the two ends.

Taking your sewing machine, start at the beginning (leave about at inch of fabric unstitched) and sew along the sides.sewing the bindingSewing the corners of the quilt: When you get about a 1/4″ from one of the corners, stop, backstitch, and stitch to the point you left off.  Lift the foot up and pivot the quilt 90º to you left.  Sew a few stitches, backstitch those, and keep sewing.

This is the tricky part.  When you have completed all the sides and have gotten to the ends, fold one of the ends into the other.  It really doesn’t matter which one.  Make sure it is smooth.quilting the bindingDon’t be discouraged if you have to try it again and again.  On my first quilt I had to rip it out four times before I got it to lay smoothly.

After this you do not need your sewing machine!

You will need a sewing needle and corresponding thread.  It doesn’t have to match perfectly because you really won’t see these stitches.  If they do peek out, then it will look seamless. (no pun intended!)

Cut a long piece of thread, thread it through the eye of the needle, and tie the ends in a knot.

You will be using an invisible stitch to finish your quilt.  Don’t worry, it is easier than it sounds!invisible stitchingFirst, hold the quilt so that the back is facing you.  Second, fold over the edging so that the closed side (see above) is closest to you.

At the seam you just stitched, insert your needle into it. (first picture)

Then, stitch through the edge of the edging (second picture) leaving just a tiny bit of room.  Don’t let the spaces be too far apart (more than a centimeter) because the binding won’t be secure.  Repeat along the whole edge of the quilt.

Congratulations!  You finished your first quilt! 

In order to keep your quilt looking awesome make sure to wash it in cold water and letting it air dry.

Enjoy your new, beautiful quilt!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by writing a comment below or emailing me at sweetlypetite1@gmail.com

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