Sunday Wrap-Up

Sunday Wrap Up- 5/31/2015

Sunday Wrap Up

My Posts

Monday – Selflessness: Ruth and Naomi’s Story

Tuesday – Virtual Coffee Date

Friday – Five Things Friday IV

Weekly Posts

*8 Things Bloggers Should Be Doing Weekly*

I find it difficult to self-promote.  I definitely need to get on these tips!

*SEO 101*

For being a non-techy person, this is a hard concept for me to grasp.  Thankfully the Blogger Collective lays out the basics nicely.

*27 Reasons Labradors Are The Best Creatures in the Galaxy*

These pictures melted my heart.  I believe I said “aww!” more than two times.

*When People Comment On Your Food*

For all you recovery warriors out there.

*This is What Depression Really Looks Like*

Eye-opening and heartbreaking.

*Why You Should Send More Mail*

I am a big advocate for sending letters.

*Celebrate Women in Fiction*

I have some reading to do!

*When Life Challenges Threaten Your Academic Success*

Sara’s story is truly incredible.  Her wisdom and insight is something to not forget, either.

Weekly Pins

So that’s how that works?  Game changer.

Can I have this dress please?  It may be a wedding dress but I would wear it any how.

This outfit is like a more cute (and complicated) version of my old school uniform.  I would wear this!

Sweet Almond Honey Oatmeal Goat’s Milk Soap recipe….

Let’s save some money!

Be still and listen

How can I forget a pin of a cute animal??


Scripture Sunday

This comes from my last post on Monday, but I though I would share it again.  Ruth is a powerful book.

Ruth 1 16

Questions for You

  • What do you have planned for this week?
  • Dogs or cats?

That’s it for Sunday Wrap Up.  Have a great day!

New Blog Signature

P.S.  I recently launched a new page – Work With Me.  If you want to collaborate on a post, have me guest post on your blog, or you write something for Sweetly Petite, check out the page!

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