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10 Things You Should Do Before You Graduate High School

It’s been four years.  They may have been difficult or even fun, but you are in the homestretch!  Graduation.  Whether it has been the best four years of your life or the four not so greatest, there are some things you should do before you embark on your new adventure!

10 Things You Should Do Before You Graduate High School

1. Keep going with school work

It may seem tedious now, but I promise you, keep going!  Stay on task and get your homework done.  I know it seems easier said than done, but keep applying yourself. 

2. Go to Prom

Even if you really really don’t want to go, it is a right of passage of adolescence.  Even if you go once, you can safely say that you went.  You never know, you may have fun!  If you don’t have a date, don’t sweat it!  Take some friends and make the best of it.


3. Take a placement/personality test

See what job fits your personality best.  If you don’t know exactly what to do, this may be a good thing to do.  If you already know, it may just be a fun test.

3. Volunteer

One can learn a ton while volunteering.  Not only do you help others, but you help yourself.


4. Thank your teachers

They have done a lot for you.  Make sure to tell them so.

5. Get their contact info

If it is alright with them, it is a good idea to keep in contact with your favorite teachers.  You never know when you need a reference or someone to ask advice.

6. Clean up social media

Do you want your silly selfies that you took back sophomore year to be seen by others who are wanting to hire you?  Hmm… nope.  

7. Plan what you want to do next fall

Whether it be college, an internship, or a job, plan what you want to do after the summer.  It is important to keep yourself going.


8. Send your transcript to your future college

If you are going to college, send in your updated transcript after graduation and any other things that the college needs before you attend.

9. Line up something for the summer

Get a job or volunteer.  Make something of your time off.  Don’t just lounge all day everyday during the summer!  Make it exciting!


10. Have fun!

You’re not going to be in high school again.  Enjoy all the good aspects of it while you can.


Questions for You

What are some tips for students graduating high school?

Have you ever volunteered?  Where?

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10 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Do Before You Graduate High School

  1. Hey!I’ve read a couple of such posts but I have to say this is one of the most sensible and well planned of them all which makes this my favourite of them all.All the other talked about going crazy in last year and whatnot 😛
    Although I find high school in India is so different than other countries idk what country you are from but this seems kind of different.We don’t even have prom 😛
    Volunteering is good one should always volunteer as much as one can 🙂
    I was volunteering at an organization called as Teach for India and taught a few poor kids how to make stuff out of waste material it was really awesome 😀
    And my only tip is to be sensible in high school or you’ll regret it for a long time 😛

    Neal Kind


    1. Thank you so much, Neal! After I posted this I went to go look at similar posts, and you are right! A lot of them are about going crazy. I am all for having fun, but we need to be sensible also. 🙂


  2. These is a great pre-high school grad bucket list! I especially love that you included volunteering, because sometimes grads can feel like celebrating 24/7, but it’s good to be productive and helpful with our time.
    I’d add: start packing for college (it comes up quickly!) and spend LOTS of time with your friends!


  3. These are some great tips. I concur with the comment from Neal, above. I gave up searching for college advice on the Internet because of all the wacky (and often not family-friendly) high school graduation tips. But, yours defy the mold (as usual)!

    Although my school doesn’t host dances, they do offer a formal take on “dinner and a movie”. It’s adorable. If I were to offer advice to fellow high school Juniors out there, it would be: make sure to schedule quarterly meetings with your school counselor, keep your parents updated on your college search, and try to take Duel Enrollment classes at your local community college. Also, I did volunteer at a local thrift store, which was quite interesting.

    Thanks for another informative post,
    Abby Post


    1. Abby, you are so sweet! The “Dinner and a Movie” sounds absolutely darling! I would love to do something like that at my school.
      Your tips are priceless! I especially love meeting quarterly with the school guidance counselor. 🙂


  4. Go on a fun trip! 🙂 My sis and I had the amazing opportunity of being able to go to England! It was one of the best educational experiences I’ve ever had. You could also go on an East coast road trip or west coast or a backpacking trip! 🙂 Explore a little before college gets going.


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