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Book Review- The Book Thief

Liesel Meminger is a child of the Holocaust… but she wasn’t Jewish. The Second World War didn’t just turn Jews’ lives into a loop, but it also messed up the lives of the people in Nazi Germany. The Book Thief is a story, narrated by Death, of a skinny blond-haired girl who learns the power of words. Liesel goes to live with foster parents- a German couple living in the poorest part of Molching. There, she meets the loving Hans, brass Rosa, funny little Rudy, and a cast of other eccentric characters.

 When Liesel arrives at her new home, she cannot read a single word. With the help of her Papa, she begins her obsession with reading. Realizing how powerful words truly are changes her life- for better and worse.

 I enjoyed this book immensely. The Book Thief is unique in many qualities, especially the narrator. Markus Zusak excellently uses Death as the guide to the story of the living. It adds such an interesting quality to the book.

 The plot is smooth and interesting. The characters were my favorite element of the book. Through the course of the novel, you feel like you personally know them. Han Hubermann reminded me so much of Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird (Atticus happens to be my favorite literary character.)

 I have read numerous fiction books surrounding World War II. The Book Their shares a unique perspective from this awful time period. There is a reason why this book was on the New York Best Seller’s list for over 230 weeks! It is a book I highly recommend.

Questions for You

  • What book are you currently reading?
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