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For the Love of Chocolate

disclaimer: I was sent products complimentary by  Like all of my reviews, sponsored or not, opinions are all my own and completely honest.

Chocolate.  There is nothing quite like it.  It can be in the form of luscious ice cream, melted in a rich pot of fondue, or even sprinkled into to your favorite cookies.  Chocolate is awesome.  Do you all agree?

For the love of chocolate

In the midst of my eating disorder, I cut out chocolate from my already minuscule diet.  My ED deemed it as “not healthy” and fully of unnecessary sugar.”  You know what?  That was

Wrong.  Wrong.  Wrong.

Now that I am in recovery, I realize how irrational and untrue those thoughts were.  It took me quite a bit to reintroduce chocolate in my life.  What was once a fear food is now one of the yummiest things I eat.  I like anything chocolate, except ice cream, which is odd because I love ice cream…

Anyway, there a few reminder of why chocolate is not only delicious, but it is also nutritious  You do not have to be in recovery from an eating disorder to persuade you to have chocolate!

Find chocolate that you love.

What kind of chocolate do you like?  White, milk, or dark?  Do you like extra goodies in you chocolate such as fruit or nuts?  Find chocolate that you’ve had before or something that sounds good- get it and eat it.

For example, my mother loves dark chocolate.  She also really enjoys figs.  I found on these Candied Figs filled with dark truffle brandy.  Woah.  I knew I had to get these for her.

Candied Figs

Candied Fig

Her verdict: “So, so good.  There is a subtle brandy flavor which is very nice.  It isn’t too sweet but just right.”

These candies are really unique.  In her little box, she got 6 chocolate covered figs, all individually wrapped.  Right after opening one of them, we were hit with a rich and calming smell of chocolate and brandy.

The candy itself is a fig stuffed with a dark chocolate brandy truffle and then covered in more dark chocolate.  If you like dark chocolate and some fruitiness, you would like these!

Candied Figs

Chocolate is actually really healthy!

Nope, this is not a joke.  Dark chocolate, specifically, is a nutritious power food.  It is rich in minerals which help build strong bones, muscles, and hair.  Minerals also aid in nerve function and metabolism. Also, dark chocolate actually has more antioxidants than blueberries.  

Without going too scientific, there is something in chocolate that stimulates the endothelium in the lining of your arteries (sorry, maybe that was a little too much info) that improves blood flow.  Meaning, it reduces blood pressure which lowers the risk of heart disease.  The blood flow actually helps protect your skin from the sun because the improved blood flow increases skin hydration and density.

Like mother, like daughter, I love dark chocolate.  I don’t necessarily care for milk and I certainly don’t like white… but dark is amazing.

I decided to go simple, so I chose to get a Dark Chocolate Bar from Chokola’j.  

Dark Chocolate

Creamy, smooth, and nicely balanced, high quality chocolate like this can’t compare to store bought.  The 60% cacao content is simply perfect in terms of nice chocolate flavor and sweetness.  

Dark Chocolate

 There are only four ingredients in this chocolate bar: unsweetened chocolate, sugar, soy lecithin, and vanilla.  That’s it.

I would hear a lot on cooking shows how chocolate has a “smoky undertone” to it.  I would laugh at this, why would chocolate be smoky?  Besides, I’ve had chocolate before and it doesn’t even remotely taste “smoky.”  However, I finally understand why they say that.  The flavor has richness and slight undertones of smokiness.  It is not the kind of smoky you think when you barbecue.  It is something that is so hard to describe but incredibly delicious.

While I was eating this, I reassured myself that there was full of good things going into my body like fiber, minerals, and antioxidants, all things needed for a strong, healthy body.  Plus, it was yummy!

Eating dark chocolate

Chocolate shouldn’t be feared.  It is tasty, full of nutrients, and let’s be honest, it’s good for the soul.

Thank you to for inspiring this post and providing some excellent treats! 

Wishing you the best (chocolate),

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2 thoughts on “For the Love of Chocolate

  1. We are on the same page. White chocolate is blah, milk is okay in a pinch, but dark – I could live on dark chocolate. I mostly like it plain, but every once in a while I’ll get a bar with fruit and nuts in it. I truly do not understand people who don’t like chocolate. What’s not to like?


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