Learn to Quilt! – Part 3 {Sewing}

Learn to Quilt Series

Part 1 {Supplies You’ll Need}
Part 2 {Making the Squares & Assembly}
Part 3 {Sewing}
Part 4 {The Layers}
Part 5 {Binding}

How To Quilt

Whip out your sewing machine and get ready to sew!  I know that sewing can be extremely intimidating, but don’t you worry.  Take a deep breath and have patience.  I have recorded some videos to help you along if you are completely new to sewing:

There are tons of great resources for how to sew, so please don’t hesitate to look up some other YouTube videos for guidance and help.

Now that you have all of your rows in order, (you should have 18 rows, if not, that is okay) take the first row that you labeled “1”.

Before you sew, you must pin your squares together.  This will ensure that you will get a nice, even seam.  There is an easy-peezy way to do it.

Sewing the Rows

Take your first two squares.  Lay them out in order.  Take your second square and flip it onto the first square.  The wrong side of the second square should be facing you.  Pin it with 3 pins running horizontally. Open it up.

pinning the squares

Repeat on all of the other squares in the row.

pinning the squares 2


Awesome!  You have a whole row pinned!  Now that that is completed, you can start sewing.

pinned row

Take the edge of two squares (where you pinned) and sew it all the way down.  Make it with 1/4 inch seam allowance.  This basically means that the edge of your fabric from the seam will be 1/4 inch.


It’ll look something like this:


Make sure you backstitch at the beginning and end!

Repeat for the rest of the row.

When you have completed that, you may press the seams.  Pressing the seam open simply means pulling the fabric over so it doesn’t “clump” on one side.  This makes it look more clean and elegant.

I like to spray it will a little bit of water and literally pressing the iron down on it so the fabric lies flat.

Pressing the Seams

Repeat with all of the seams.  Fold your row and put your label pack on it and set it aside.


Sew all the rows.

Sewing the Columns

You have all of your rows sewed and pressed.  Now, it is time to put the puzzle together.

Pinning the Columns1. Place the first two rows together.
2. Flip the rows so that the patterned (right) side of the fabric is pressing on each other.  This is the same process you used with pinning the squares.
3. Make sure that the seams of one row connect perfectly with the other.
4. Pin it vertically.

Sew down the whole side.  And press the seam you just sewed.

Repeat with all of the other rows.

quilting the top

You completed your quilt cover!

Yay!  Stick around for Part 4 where you will make the “sandwich”!

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    1. Now you know how to! 🙂 Thank you for your sweet comment. If you ever do decide to make one, I would love to see it!


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