Body Shaming- It’s Not Sexist

We hear quite a bit how “every woman’s body is beautiful”.  That is absolutely true.  We should never judge someone by the way her body is made or how symmetrical her face is.

These things don’t just apply to women.

Body Shaming

Men are often subjected to body shaming and being judged by their appearance.  Just as women are pressured to look a certain way, men are also pressured by society to look buff, have a certain hairstyle, etc.  I don’t think that this issue is presented frequently in daily life.  Why?  I cannot answer that for sure.

I am a huge fan of Buzzfeed.  Who isn’t?  There’s fun quizzes, silly articles, the occasional serious story.. there is something to make me smile or laugh.  I, however, was not smiling or laughing when I saw an article called Hot Guy March Madness.

If you all don’t know about this article series on Buzzed, it is basically a poll where one chooses between two guys.  Your job is to choose who is “hotter”.  After you vote, you see the percentage of how many people voted for each man.  Whoever wins advances to the next round.  A vain twist on March Madness.

Hot Guy March MadnessScreenshot of Hot Guy March Madness

There are many things wrong about this seemingly innocent article.  Most prominent, I believe, is that it is based off of the idea that judging by appearance is okay.

It isn’t.

When you look at someone’s body, you don’t get to witness the rich essence of who that person is.  I don’t want to encourage young girls to choose their future spouses by how big his biceps are or how expensive his clothes are.  When I choose my future husband, I would want him to have a kind spirit with a heart for God who is respectful and trustworthy.  Someone who loves me for me.  I cannot determine these wonderful qualities by looking at how he appears.

If it was Hot Girl March Madness, there would be an outrage.  Judging men on their appearance is just as bad as judging a woman on her appearance.  Men too have feelings and insecurities.  It is not kind to be poking fun if “his arms are like twigs” just as “her bottom is too big”.

Please be conscience of how you speak to others.  Something as innocent as voting for the hottest guy on the internet can lead to a more permanent thought process of how we view others.

Be kind,

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3 thoughts on “Body Shaming- It’s Not Sexist

  1. I love that you addressed this issue, Alison – it’s so often overlooked. Also, I love the look of your new blog! Keep up the good work, girl.


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