Learn to Quilt! – Part 2 {Making the Squares & Assembly}

Welcome back to the second part of the Learn to Quilt series!  If you missed part one, you can read it right here to catch yourself up.  It’s okay, I’ll wait.

Learn to Quilt Step by Step

The first part to making your lovely quilt is making the pieces.  Quilting is kind of like putting together a puzzle.  You have all these components that you put together to make a beautiful masterpiece.  In this quilt, our pieces will just be squares.

Making the Squares

First thing first, you must iron your fabric before you cut it out into squares.

Take your 5- half-yard fabrics and iron them.  I like to use this method for ironing:

ironing process1. Spray lightly with water (nothing in it besides water!)
2. Smooth it out with your hands
3. Run the iron quickly across the fabric until smooth.

repeat with all of your fabrics!

Cutting the Fabric

Get out your rotary cutter, cutting board, and acrylic ruler.

Place your fabric directly on the board and line it up with the 0 inch edges (it is okay if it hangs over a little bit.)

quilting and cutting

Take your ruler and line it up with the edge of the 0″ inch line and cut it off.  This will make it a nice, precise edge.  Repeat on the other 0″ line.

cutting the big square

Once you have the fabric “squared off”, cut it into 4 inch strips.

cutting the rows

Take each row and cut them into 4 inch squares.

making the squares - quilting

That is how you get a perfect square every time!

perfect quilting square

repeat with all of the body fabrics

Assembling the Squares

This is the fun part!  Take your squares (2 of each pattern for a total of 10 squares) and set them in a row.  Figure out what colors compliment each other.  I decided to go with this pattern -yellow, navy, white design, light blue, gray- You will have 10 squares in sequence in each row.

sample row for quilt

This part may be a tad tricky, but hold tight!  Your first block in the first row is going to be your third block in your second row.  Meaning, the previous row’s first block will always be the next row’s third block.  Here is a picture to clarify things a bit:

Assembling the Rows

This helps the colors spread out and look evenly distributed.

Stack them neatly and pin the row number to each stack.  I just used a sticky note and a pin.

Row Stacks

I stacked them with the last block of the row being at the bottom.  Be consistent with the way you stack them!  You don’t want them getting out of order.

Stayed tuned for Part 3 where you will learn how to sew the squares together!


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