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Five Things Friday


Every Friday, the blogosphere flares with “Five Things Friday” posts.  And you know what?  They are really fun to read!  What I really like about them is how unique each one is.  It isn’t confined to five foods or five pictures, etc.

This is my first time participating in FTF and I am so excited to be linking up with Clare for this post.

A fair warning, this is going to be totally random…

Sweetly Petite’s Five Things Friday

1. Snowmageddon 2015– Is anyone else sick of winter?  I know I am!  Here in the Midwest, it has been cold and I mean really cold.  The temperature’s have dropped to well below -20 degrees with windchill. Being that I am cold as it is, this does not help me any.

Gus in the Snow

Thank goodness for blankets and space heaters!

Snow Drift


Both of these pictures are from different occasions. However, the top photo with Mr. Gus doesn’t look to far off from here. And just to let you know.. that is an eight feet tall fence. . .

2. Zone Perfectly Simple Bars–  I have been loving these Perfectly Simply bars from Zone.  Each bar has only 10 ingredients.  Yes, 10 ingredients!  Not to mention they taste wonderful.  The only flavor I have tried so far is the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip.  It tastes even better than an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.


I have been wanting to try Lara bars for the longest time, but my ED has been getting the best of me.  It is irrational to think that they are scary.  One day I will get there.

3. Woman Power on TV–  If you have been following this blog, you know how much I love Scandal and other TV shows.  Every Tuesday and Thursday I switch on my TV to Agent Carter and Scandal.

Haley Atwell reprises her role as Agent Peggy Carter in this mini-series.  If you haven’t seen Captain America: The First Avenger,  Peggy was Captain America’s friend, supporter, and love.  After World War II is over, Peggy works at the SSR where she is again bound by sexist society.

Peggy tries to find out how to balance her secretive work and being a single woman in New York while being undercover for her old friend/co-worker, Howard Stark.

Olivia Pope and Peggy Carter are the epitome of woman power.  I absolutely love seeing things that accurately portray what woman can be.

You can catch Agent Carter on Tuesday and Scandal on Thursdays- both on ABC.

4. Calculus– I have loved math.  From elementary school to junior year, I thrived on math.  This year.. not so much.  Calculus has been the bane of my existence recently.  I do well with the homework but don’t do so well on tests.  And tests are the grades that really count.


This might not seem like an ED issue, but it is.  I have always been a perfectionist wanting things done right and well.  Not striving in math has been sprouting a bad seed in my head, and that is where ED comes in telling me that I am a failure and worthless.  But I am not a failure because I struggle with solving differential equations using natural logs or rationalizing limits.  I am learning.

5. Books Upon Books– I have been reading non-stop lately.  I have been reading one book for my theology class, one for a scholarship, and one for AP English class.

My AP English class is reading Ben Hur: the Tale of the Christ by Lew Wallace.  Within that one book is 8 little books.  Each night we have to read one of those little books.  On top of AP Calculus, other classes and activities, the 100 pages each night seems like quite a lot.



I actually enjoy the story and plot.  What I don’t enjoy is all of the flowery descriptions that causes the book to be 800+ pages.

I hope you are all have a great Friday!  Happy Valentines Day/Friday the 13th!  (that seems like a weird combo…)

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((source for Agent Carter pic))


6 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. I love random posts as well. I think it helps reflect people’s individuality. Oh, btw: wow, you like calculus? I am not a math person, so the idea of having to do calculus is like summiting Mount Everest for me.


    1. Hi there, love! It is never not uncool to love math. 😉 Your blog is absolutely charming.. I am a big fan of Taylor Swift, myself! You got another follower on Bloglovin’! (I’m on it too!) Stay warm and take care xx


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