Sunday Wrap-Up

Sunday Wrap Up- 2/1/2015

 Let me be the first second  millionth person to say, January is done.  It flew by when I look back at it.. but it also dragged when I was in it.  You know what I mean?  Any who, happy Sunday!  The midwest is going to get hit hard with snow, so be safe everyone!

 Sunday Wrap Up

My Posts This Week

Sunday- Cinnamon Face Mask Tutorial

Monday- Yogurt, Yale, and Yawns

Friday- Book Review- Along Came a Spider by James Patterson

Posts I Loved

*Who Much the “Perfect” Body Has Changed in 100 Years*

The article gives a much needed look on how physical beauty has changed from one decade to another.  This is a true testament on why you should love your body.  No matter what.

*Anyone Can Be More Self Sufficient*

An interesting article on how to rely more on yourself.  Makes you more aware of how much you take for granted in everyday life.

*Reasons to Recover*

I absolutely love reading why people want to recover from their eating disorders.  Helen has some great reasons that I hope to someday achieve also.

*Calorie Counting: the good, the bad, and the ugly*

Robyn, a professional dietician, puts calories in perspective.  This gave me a lot of reassurance!

*10 Verses for an Anxious Heart*

What a great reminder from our Father.

*If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Hair*

Finally!  If princess didn’t have perfect hair all of the time.

Weekly Pins

These scones look delicious!

Just for a little cuteness for this Sunday. 😉

This is a very handy chart for essential oils.  I definitely want to try oils out!

What a great idea!  These bags will definitely help my dresser.

Technically this is a gif, but I found it on Pinterest.  #gladiatorsforlife

This dress is gorgeous.  Simple, yet fun!

Scripture Sunday

Read the whole chapter here.

Ephesians 4:2


Just a note, I took the picture for Scripture Sunday last May at Prom!  It was absolutely freezing outside on top of the riverboat.

Have a wonderful week all of you!

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