Book Review- Along Came A Spider by James Patterson

I have been itching to read a novel by James Patterson. He seems to have been an author for ages. Maybe I’m over exaggerating a little bit.  😉  Well, he must be doing something right! I remember back in junior high that kids all around me were reading the Maximum Ride series and they loved them.  I never did read them.. during my middle school years I delved into classic literature (for young girls) such as Little Women and Anne of Green Gables.

I did a little researching before I picked my first Patterson novel. I didn’t want a book geared towards young adults nor did I want a romance novel. That is when I came across Patterson’s most famous character, Alex Cross.

Alex Cross is a famed forensic psychologist in Washington D.C. that specializes in homicides.

I really liked the idea of psychology in a mystery novel, so I got the first book of the Alex Cross series, Along Came a Spider.

Along Came a Spidersource

Alex Cross, a highly acclaimed forensic scientist/detective, lives in Southwest with his grandma, Nana Mama, and his two little kids.  Alex and his best friend and police partner, Sampson, investigate a brutal murder of two black women in the rough area of Southwest.  He has seen things like this before, but that doesn’t make it easier for him.

The story flashes to an elite private elementary school where Maggie Rose and Michael “Shrimpie” Goldberg are in class.  Michael is a son of a famed politician and Maggie Rose is the daughter to a Hollywood starlet.  Their lives change when they get kidnapped by their math teacher, Gary Soneji right under the Secret Service’s eyes.

Emotions shore and fears escalate in the nation’s capital.  Alex is assigned to crack down on this kidnapping of the two children, but he can’t escape the feeling that it is too similar to the murder of the two women in Southwest.

During the investigation, Alex meets beautiful and highly intelligent FBI agent Jezzie Flanagan.  As the investigation progresses so do their feelings.

In a series of twists and turns of the novel, it ends with a shock that I couldn’t see coming.

The book started face paced and exciting.  The reader was introduced to character after character, learning tiny bits about them, sucking you in.  After the first 100 pages, it started to get hard to read.

The language in this novel is not what I am use to.. there is a lot of vulgar language.  That kind of language is something that I don’t find appealing in a book, personally.  It is also graphic of its murder scenes, and intimate scenes are strongly implied.  Another thing I don’t find appealing in books.

I zipped through the first half of Along Came a Spider in no time.  The second half of the book wasn’t as easy as the first.  I didn’t like going inside the mind of a murderer and psychopath and knowing his every thought.

The plot, though, was very well-played out.  It was gripping and hard to guess what was ahead for the characters.  The content of the plot, however, wasn’t as gripping.

There are 18 more sequels of the Alex Cross series.  I won’t be reading them any time soon.

What are some of your favorite James Patterson novels?  I would love to read them!

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