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Yogurt, Yale, and Yawns

Hello Monday, I can’t say I’m particularly glad to see you.  Well, let me put it this way: I have 108 days left of high school.  Yes, I am counting down the days.

This week is going to be absolutely jam packed.  It is Spirit Week at my school.  Being Vice President of my school, weeks like these get very hectic.  That is why I took full advantage of my somewhat uneventful weekend.

Friday night I babysat the two cutest little pumpkins.  It is so different babysitting two boys.  I’ll explain.. I didn’t grow up with any brothers.  I have one sister.  So I am not very used to their natures.  Boy oh boy, do little guys have tons of energy!  Needless to say, they were a lot of fun to play with.


We watched Toy Story 3, danced to music, and read.  We even popped out some glow sticks for them to play with.  They were very excited about that!  After I got the nuggets to bed, I finally settled down to a snack and a book.  I’ve been reading Along Came a Spider by James Patterson.  I’m a little over half way through.  I’m not particularly enjoying it so far.  I am definitely determined to finish it though.


This is one of my favorite flavors!  It has a lovely coffee flavor while being ultra smooth and creamy.

The night before, I tried Chobani’s new Green Tea yogurt.  I saw it at my local Meijer.  Seeing that it is limited edition, I picked it up.


I can’t say that I like it very much.  It has a very weak green tea flavor.  It tastes more like a mix of vanilla yogurt with a touch of green tea flavoring.  It wasn’t terrible, I just wouldn’t get it again.

Both on Saturday and Sunday, I slept in.  Late.  By late, I mean late for me and most of people.  Saturday I slept in until 11.  Sunday wasn’t as bad… 9:00.  I guess my body needed the rest.  There is nothing better than waking up when you are ready.  Ahhh…

Saturday wasn’t too busy.  Which is a-okay with me!  We ran to the store to get some essentials for the house.. but that’s it.  I ended the night with watching Captain America and the Winter Solider.  If you don’t know already… I love love love Captain America!

Sunday I prepped for my Yale Interview!


Rachel kindly took a picture in her room of my outfit.  I went simple, yet classy.  Under that sweater is layers upon layers of camisoles, heat trapping clothing and what not.  I am always shivering.  Cuddl Duds are a must for me!

As for the interview, I was excitedly nervous.  Is that a thing?  Well, if it is, that is what I was!

The interview went well.  The lady that I met with was so nice.  I got very lucky with a wonderful interviewer! Speaking of, would you all be interesting in college tips on choosing a college, interviews, etc.?  Let me know in the comments below!  🙂

For my night snack, I had another limited edition Chobani- Concord Grape.


It was absolutely awful.  I’m not much of a grape person, but this just wasn’t good.  The smell is poignant, it smells so strongly of concentrated grape.  The taste is even worse.  It is sickly sweet with an odd grape flavor.  It was very reminiscent of grape medicine that I had when I was a kid.  Oh well.  Not everything flavor can be wonderful.  If you are looking for a good Chobani flavor, check out the Key Lime.  Now that is good!

Until next time!

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