Sunday Wrap-Up

Sunday Wrap Up – 1/18/2015

Sunday Wrap Up

This will be my first “Sunday Wrap-Up”.  I thought it might be a good way to close out the week.  Bear with me, this is my first one, so it might be a little bumpy! 🙂

My Posts for This Week

Monday- The Great (and difficult) Mural Painting Experience

Tuesday- Book Review: Big Little Lies

Thursday- My Netflix Picks: TV Edition

Posts I Loved

*21 Pretty Beauty Products*

These makeup products are a work of art.  Wow!

*Oatmeal Smoothies*

I never thought of making oatmeal smoothies for an easy and quick breakfast.  She provides so many different flavor options.  I am eager to give these a try.

*Being Judgmental of Your Own Hunger Cues*

This is a great reminder.  Always.

*My Student Loan Debt Mistakes*

Something that I need to be mindful of.  Kate provides a great variety of tips!

*That Post Went Viral*

I never thought of a post going viral would be so troublesome… Who knew?

*22 Airport Hacks*

This makes my wanderlust grow even more.

Weekly Pins

These Lemon Raspberry Muffins look delicious.  Plus, they are high protein.

Oat Pizza” is an interesting concept.  As you can see, I like lemon flavor.

Audrey Hepburn is always elegant.  Exhibit One

and Exhibit Two

This cozy outfit looks so nice!

This handy dandy chart for all your yarn projects.

Tips on How to Be a Great Leader

This pin made me giggle- it’s true!!

Scripture Sunday

I thought I would make a cute Scripture printable every week.  This week was my first week back to school since winter break.  The dreaded senioritis has already kicked in, so this is my reminder to keep chugging along.  You can read the whole chapter here.

Proverbs 23:12


That is all me for tonight…  Also, this is my last week being 17!  I’m going to be a legal adult in a few days.  Oh wow.

I’m going to go settle in and get myself ice cream and watch the new episode Downton Abbey.

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