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The Great (and difficult) Mural Painting Experience

Another week has come and gone.  It baffles me to think that we are already 12 days into 2015.  Before we know it, it’s going to be 2016… hold up, I’m getting way ahead of myself.

Anywho, this was the last day for my “Winterim” class.  Winterim is a week-long class that specializes in some sort of activity.  I go to a tiny Christian school (which is wonderful!!) and this is the second year they have implemented this program.  Last year I took a CSI forensics class.  This year, I enrolled in Mural Painting.  I’m not one for art and such, but this was the one of the few classes that I could take due to exercise restriction.

It was actually a great experience!  I was the only senior in the class, so it helped me connect with some of the underclassmen of the school while painting God’s word around the whole school.



I learned quite a few things from this class.  One, painting is hard.  Kudos to those who can paint.. I struggled a lot with painting straight lines and such.  I’m a perfectionist so it took a long time to get one mural done.



I painted two murals in the weight room: the one above and the following photo.  I feel these verses about power are very appropriate in a weight room.  I also painted a couple of unpictured ones.

A have a story to share.

On Friday, my teacher took all of out to Steak n’ Shake for lunch.

I didn’t go.

Restaurants are my biggest ED fear.  When I first found out that we were going, that awful little voice started to scream.  I panicked and couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the morning.  The fear of not knowing what I was going to get, the anxiety, and having it be spontaneous put quite a toll on me.

That is when a realized, I still have a long way to go in recovery.

I went to my teacher and asked if I could stay here and have my packed lunch, and she let me.  She knows about my ED which made it so much easier to ask her.

I sat in a classroom and ate lunch by myself.  I really didn’t mind, I truly didn’t.  What I did mind was that ED isolated me and made me lose out on enjoying a special trip with my friends.


I must put on the armor of God and fight ED with all my might.


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