When life just happens

I have not be on this blog for a crazy long time. I have no excuse and I will not make one up to make me feel better. Instead, I am going to tell all of you what I have been up to the past four (oh my word!) months.

Senior year is a whirl wind. I am absolutely astonished that the first semester is almost over. I am 7/8 or 87.5% done with my high school career. From that silly conversion, one can conclude that I do like math. Speaking of, I am taking {cue the dramatic music} AP Calculus. If you don’t know what that is, it is an Advanced Placement class. So basically, I am taking a college level class for high school credit. Then in May, I will take this AP test to see if I can take get college credit. This test is over three hours long, and if I don’t do well, all that hard work will go down the drain. If that isn’t a bummer, I dunno what is.

Oh! I made a major lifestyle change… I cut my hair! It really isn’t that big of a deal, but it is a serious change for me! It went from this:


to this:


I donated three ponytails to Children with Hair Loss. I may do a separate post on my whole experience and why I chose CWHL instead of Locks of Love.

I been in a funk lately.  The holiday season is a tough one for many people, myself included.  Unfortunately with that, finals, and the stress of life, it becomes a difficult time.

Despite that, I am excited to be paying more attention to this blog!  I have lots of things planned, so be ready with a lot of posts!





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