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Luna Bar Review – Part 1

I remember when I was young, around 4 years old.  On the occasional Saturday, I would wake up extra early to go fishing with my dad.  Usually we ran to the gas station to get bait and I would get my breakfast.  It was always a LemonZest Luna Bar.

To this day, I still love Luna Bars!  They are nutritious, sweet, and oh so good!  Since then, my taste buds have changed and matured and Luna has come out with even more delicious flavors.

I was scrolling through the website, and this quote immediately caught my eye on the “About Us” section,

“When it comes to food, our philosophy is simple.  We say no to guilt, deprivation, and dieting – and yes to intuitive nutrition, pleasure, quality ingredients and, of course, chocolate.”

Luna has three types of bars- Luna Bar, Luna Protein, and Luna Fiber.


Without further ado, I give to you my opinions on each Luna Bar flavor.


Let’s start off with my childhood classic… LemonZest.

In this bright yellow package comes a bar that is simply refreshing.  Out of all the Luna Bars, this one is probably the most bland.  It is crunchy, sweet, and well, lemon flavored.  Thankfully, this lemon flavor tastes natural and not artificially sweetened.


Underneath is a glaze of some kind that adds an extra element to the bar.  This too, has a lemon flavor.  The glaze itself adds the lemon flavor to the bar, not the bar itself.

Overall it is refreshing and something a lemon flavored lover would really enjoy.  Otherwise, it is kind of one- dimensional.

Luna Bar LemonZest

My Rating: 3/5 stars


Call me crazy, but I love oatmeal raisin cookies more than plain chocolate chip cookies!  I don’t like to eat raisins by themselves, but when they are with oatmeal, it is a match made in heaven.

You wouldn’t believe it is a protein bar, it tastes just like a cookie with some added benefits!  There are 9 grams of protein, vitamins, minerals, and 3 grams of fiber.

IMG_3722The bar is glazed on the bottom with a cinnamon like glaze.  It also has drizzle on top!  Just look at that perfection!

The bar is much softer than the Lemon Zest but is still delightfully crunchy.  Raisins are hidden inside.  There are a couple, so the raisins don’t overwhelm the flavor too much.  It tastes like cinnamon, oats, and various spices.  If you aren’t a fan of oatmeal cookies, this might not be the bar for you.  But if you are, welcome to heaven!

Iced Oatmeal Raisin

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars


HOLY MOLY!  This bar is bliss!  I am not a big fan of blueberries or blueberry flavored items, but this is an exception.

The bottom is glazed like most of the bars.  It has a slight vanilla flavor to it.  The bar itself is grain filled with the occasional blueberry scatter in it.  On top of that, is a layer of JAM.  Yes, blueberry jam.  This is what makes the bar oh so delicious.  Then, the bar top with some oats and drizzled in luscious vanilla glaze

IMG_3682The bar itself is soft with a slight crunch from the grains from the bar.  The only complaint I have is that it is quite sticky from the jam.  Besides that this bar is a delicious treat.

Blueberry Bliss

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Get ready for some more Luna Bar review in the future!

Tell me what you think about Luna Bars and some of your favorite flavors.




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