Summer Playlist

I’m usually not one for listening to a ton of music.  Usually I have a select few songs at a time that I absolutely love.  This summer I have been listening to a few choice songs over and over again.  I must say, I don’t think I’ll get sick of them until summer is over.


So get ready to pop in those headphones!

Shake it Out by Florence + the Machine

Shake it Out is just a feel good song.  When you especially feel down, this is the song to listen to.  It makes you feel       carefree.  The song has a strong yet uplifting beat, and Florence Welch’s voice is just SO beautiful!

Maps by Maroon 5

Ahh, finally!  Maroon 5 is coming out with a new album!  Maps is the first of probably many featured songs on Adam Levine’s latest album.  It has a catchy beat without feeling annoying.  Maroon 5 will forever be one of my most favorite bands.  Period.

Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo

Okay, okay.  I know this isn’t the cleanest song, but it is so catchy!  Don’t believe me?  Just listen for yourself.

Chandelier by Sia

I did a little research on this song and what I came across was simply amazing.  This was Sia’s testament of her getting over her alcoholism and how it just trapped her.  One can just hear the strength and testimony in her voice.  Goosebumps.

Top of the World by The Carpenters

Just hearing this song makes you feel like you are in a meadow on the most perfect day.  Karen Carpenter’s voice is mesmerizing.  Top of the World is an oldie but a goodie.

Wonderwall by Oasis

Another classic song, Wonderwall provides a smooth and soothing rhythm that just makes me smile.  Can you believe it has been almost 20 years since is was released?  Crazy!

This Is What Makes Us Girls by Lana del Rey

The goddess from another era, Lana del Rey, swoons in this song that is simply made for those summer nights where you feel just carefree.  Although I don’t agree with some of the lyrics, the vibe is spot on.

Problem ft. Iggy Azalea by Ariana Grande

Deemed the “Song of Summer 2014” Problem proves to be a big hit!  Its preppy beat, provided by Ariana Grande, makes this song danceable and just plain likable.  Then Iggy Azalea comes in and man, you got a hit!


Your turn!  What are some of your favorite songs?




Your thoughts here!

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