DIY Washi Tape Container

Hey everyone!  I don’t know about you, but I get super happy when I save money.  I like to look at Pinterest for DIY tutorials on how to make certain things.  Either- 1.  they don’t seem to compare to the real deal 2. it is more expensive than just buying the real thing or 3.… Continue reading DIY Washi Tape Container


You are You and I am Me

Long time, no see!  I’m excited to write another post, so here we go! It has been about seven weeks since I transitioned from a college freshman to a full-time working “adult”.  I use the word adult lightly because I don’t feel as though I am a true adult even though I am legally one.  I work… Continue reading You are You and I am Me

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Who Do You Think You Are?

Ever since I could remember, I identified myself as “the girl with the brains”, “the smart one”, the Hermione Granger of the school.  All of those titles held very true for me in the past.  Now, not so much, and it’s hard to swallow.  I just got out of a Calculus exam that I felt… Continue reading Who Do You Think You Are?

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Living the College Life

Long time no see!  It seems like the month of September doesn’t get too many posts.  Hmm… I need to change that for 2016.  Putting that all aside, I am so happy to talk to you guys.  It has exceeded my expectations and I am happy.  Very happy. I feel I have so much to… Continue reading Living the College Life

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How Are My New Year’s Resolutions Going?

I made goals for myself for 2015.  I wrote a whole post about it in hopes that it will keep me accountable.  I made five simple, but somewhat challenging goals.  So how are my New Year’s resolutions going?  Am I actually succeeding in some of my goals?   1. Read, read, read I can firmly… Continue reading How Are My New Year’s Resolutions Going?